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Henri Chaoul

To Basil and all his family

You have been on our minds from day 1 and in all of our prayers. We feel your pain and stand ready to assist you in any shape or form. Please hang on and be strong.

Karma and Henri Chaoul

Nayla Zreik

Dear Auntie Rida,Yasma and familt ,Ramzi and Family,

You have been in our thoughts and in our prayers .Basil Hang in There.We are all with you.
Nayla Zreik and Family.

Ali and Samera

Dearest Basil

One day, very soon, Yasma will be reading to you this message, and those of all your friends, messages of thoughts, prayers, hopes, and love to you and your beautiful little family. Our everyday thoughts and prayers are with you, for a quick and painless recovery from this tragic experience, and for the hope of having you back amongst us, soon.

God Bless you

Ali and Samera

George Duna and Family

Basil, You have touched many lives at AUB with your contagious smile, gentle manners and sense of humor. Your integrity and leadership is an inspiration to AUB alumni everywhere. You are always in our thoughts. We pray for your speedy recovery. May God protect your family and provide them with the strength needed in these difficult times. We love you.

George Duna and Family.

hani asfour

You are strong. You are loved by all of us. We are praying for your healing daily. We are joining all your friends and supporters in sending you healing energy constantly.
With love and blessings.
Rula, Hani, Nadia, Maia, and Raja Asfour

Margaret Kurban Abu Hamad

Dear Aunty Rida, Yasma and family, Ramsay, Nada & family,

Basil and all of you have been in our thoughts and prayers. I believe that this world-wide energy of hope and love can make a difference. We are with you in heart and spirit and wish we could do more.

Margaret Kurban and family

Bahi and Mira Rifai

Dear Auntie Rida, Yasma and Ramzi,

Our thoughts are with you through this ordeal and we pray for Basil's recovery from this tragedy. May God be with you and may all our prayers be answered. Basil hang in there.

Amin Khalaf

To Basil & the Fuleihan Family,

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you during these terrible times. May your prayers be answered and may you find the strength and resolve to pull through.
God Bless you all,

Amin Khalaf

Assaad Chahine

You were the center of student life at AUB and made it all happen with your unassuming style and stubborn dedication. May you have the strength to make it all happen again.
Assaad Chahine

Abdo Yazbeck

Your friendship helped me through IC, really helped me through AUB, was critical through the lean years in Grad School in the US, and was wonderful in my first few years in Washington when you were at the IMF and I joined the World Bank. When you moved back to Lebanon, those of us left behind missed you but knew you were following your heart. We are extremely proud of you and are pulling for you.
Abdo Yazbeck

Randa Kubeisy Kacha

Dear Auntie Rida, Ramzi, and Yasma
As so many others around the world, we are praying for Basil's recovery. May you find comfort in knowing how many people are thinking of you and praying for Basil. God bless you and give you the strength to get through this most difficult time.

Randa & Pierre Kacha

Lina da Cruz Lamirande

Dearest Basil, Aunty Rida, Yasma and Ramzi:

We are shattered by your ordeal, and can only hope and pray that God give you the strength to overcome it, in the knowledge that we are all with you in thought every minute of the day.

Lina da Cruz and her family

Ramzi Alami

Dear Aunty Rida, Yasma, Ramzi and family, Basil is in my thoughts as you are daily and my prayers are with you every night. Basil, your strong and immaculate spirit got you so far in your struggle. You have penetrated the hearts of all around you with your decency and courage, God Bless You!!

Kassem Haydar

I met Basil at AUB while we were working on hanging on a poster on the wall of West Hall (early 80s). Basil was the example of leadership, perseverance and cheerfullness. He motivated us all. Hang in there Basil, I am sure a lot of people are praying for you. I am praying for you.

Kassem Haydar

Dana Haffar Mills

Dear Basil, Auntie Rida, Ramzi and Yasma,

It pains us no end to know that people dear to us who have brought us laughter and companionship should suffer so terribly. Our thoughts and hearts are with you. We'll be by your side right through to Basil's recovery.

Dana and family.

Valentina Muiesan

I would like to express all my deepest concern for the awful act and all my pain, beeing aware of your suffering. I wish you can recover at best. You are one of the most professional and dedicated persons I ever met in Lebanon. The country does really need you.
I hope. I pray for you. And for this country.

Valentina Muiesan

Lina Matta

Dearest Basil -
From kindergarden thru german school, high school,
New York, Washington and all thru today
you’ve always been my hero, my confidant, my ameed.
And forever, an inspiration!

Nothing came your way that you were unable to handle with intelligence, wit and finesse.
So, help make us believe in miracles!

Yasma, Auntie Rida, Ramzi, and your kids all need you.
Your extended global family is not ready for a world without you

We love you . You're in our constant prayers.

Naila Ibrahim Haddad

Dear Auntie Rida,and the Fuleihan Family,

Our thoughts are with you and we pray for Basil's recovery. May God be with you and may all the prayers be answered and Basil pulls through. May God bless you all.

Sawsan Mehdi

Good men in this country are always the ones who pay their lives for the others to survive. God be with Mr. Fleihan and his family. I wish he recovers fast from all the pain he went through. Hope shall never leave our thoughts neither our hearts.

Soha Atallah

Dear Dr.Fuleihan

I am very proud that I had the opportunity to work for you, you are really a great leader. I am praying for you day and night and I wish that God will be besides you all the times to heal your injuries.
God Bless you
Soha Atallah

Lina Ghoussoub

I have never met you, dear Basil Fuleihan, but I heard so much about you and of you. You symbolize for us, Lebanese, intelligence, integrity and dedication. You are the symbol of how we would like our rulers to be.
We are all in pain with you. We pray for your recovery as we have rarely prayed. We cannot still believe the horror that happened nor imagine the pain and difficulties you and your loved ones must be going through.
May God be with you, may He grant you health and a very speedy recovery. We keep on praying and hoping, as nothing is impossible to those who believe in His great mercy

Wissam ezzeddine

Dear dr.Basil
Although I don't know you, but all of us knows that you are a good man, and we care about you.
Me may family and all my friends are praying for you to recover.

Karma and Henri Chaoul

To Basil and Family

We are praying that this week will bring substantial improvement. May you have all the strength and hope to help you through these difficult times.

Karma and Henri Chaoul

Ghassan and Rima Dbaibo

Dear Basil, Yasma, Reina, Rayyan, Ramsay and Family,
We are praying for you and sharing your pain. No words can express our devastation, no tears will be enough.
We feel honored to know you, Basil. You are not only our hero, but Lebanese school children will be learning about you in history books in the future as a National Hero of Independence.

RAMZY,MIRNA Mona Ghobril

Basil, May God be with you by the prayer of the Holly Mother & Saint Father,we are praying deeply for you because we love you.A LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOT


Ramzy , Mirna, Mona

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