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Dear Fleyhan Familly,

We are all praying for Basil in this hard time, but we are confident that our Lord is holding Our Brother in his mighty Hands and we know that he Have a miracoulus Way to deal that is above our expectations.
be strong and be sure that we are all praying here.

Pierre Badarani

A Basil et à sa famille,
Tenez bon, nous sommes de tout coeur avec vous dans ces moments de souffrance. Ma famille et moi pensons à vous tous les jours et prions pour le rétablissement de Basil.

Hekmatt Semaan

I can picture his graceful smile when I pray at night. Dear God, please heal his wounds and ease the torment of his family.



katia al ajaj

الى عائلة العزيز باسل فليحان"المؤمن مصاب" نصلي دائما من أجل العزيز باسل ونتمنى أن يجعل الله النار التي احرقت جسده بردا وسلاما فهو القادر على كل شي

Nader bitar

to basil's family...
we are all suppoerting you for tjis terrible tragedy... mat god be with him and sweep away his pain and join us again as a new health basil... may god help him and support his family...

nader bitar

To basil's family...

Mr. Basil is now in our thoughts we are praying for him and for you to suppoer this terrible tragedy... may god help him to sweep away his pain and come back to lebanon as a new healthy basil....
Nader bitar student at the international college-Beirut

Ghossoub Randa

May God help you in every single minute you're struggling for your life and may he help you in decreasing all pain and suffer. We are waiting for you to come back with your shiny and endless smile.

Mohamad El-Husseini

Dear Basil and Yasma,

You are in our hearts and minds as you go through this most difficult time imaginable.

We will not forget, and god speed Basil's recovery.

Alain Checri

No day goes without having Basil and his family in our thoughts and prayers, and those of a multitude. By his sublime fight for recovery Basil inspires us all and gives us a lesson in courage and tenacity. In this time of resurrection, we pray for Basil's recovery. Keep up the fight.

Alain Checri

No day goes without our thoughts and prayers for Basil and his family. By his sublime fight for recovery, Basil inspires us all through his lesson of courage and tenacity. In these days of resurrection, we pray for Basil's recovery. Keep up the fight.

Ola Touma Majdalani

Dear Basil and Family,

It has been a while since I last saw you but like evrybody else I have always been proud of having been to IC and AUB with you. YOu are in my prayers and May God give strength to your family in these difficult times.

nouhad a.moubarak

yasma, c'est pour te dire que Dieu est grand et misericorde. je pense beaucoup a vous, chaque jour davantage depuis le drame qui nous a tous touches. Il n'y a pas beaucoup de mots pour de telles situations, la priere est l'unique language, je vous embrasse tous


may god save his soul we are all praying fo him the hamed family

Majed Musallam & Family

Dear Yasma,
we pray that Basil's condition improves. May God be with you all in these tough times. Just keep having positive thoughts. We hope to see the whole family very soon back in Lebanon

Carol Karam

Just a few words to say that our thoughts and prayers remain with all of you in these extremely painful moments. Continue to be strong, brave and faithful as you have always been. All the best,

Revd Dr Riad Kassis

Dear friends,

Our beloved Basil, Yasma, and Basil's mother are close friends and partners to Johann Ludwig Schneller Institute, Khirbat Qanafar, West Beqaa.
We are planning to have a special vigil at Schneller Church and candlelight procession after the service. Hundreds of children, staff, friends, and
people from Schneller and surrounding towns and villages will be praying earnestly for Basil's recovery and for his wife, children, and mother. We
will also be joined with a group of friends and pastors from Germany for this occasion. The service will be on Monday, April 4th, 2005 at 07.00 pm.
If you are in the area at this time please join us.
On behalf of children, staff, and faculty of Schneller Institute,
Revd Dr Riad Kassis
Chaplain and Executive Director

nohad a.mobarak

ma chere Yasma, c'est pour te dire combien intense est ma douleur quand j'imagine ton etat avec ta famille face a cette groooooosse douleur, pourvu que nos douleurs puissent alleger celles de Bassel, inchallah

Lina Mikdadi Hamade

My dear Yasma,
You and Basil are in my thoughts and prayers all the time in these difficult days. I know it must be very hard for you but I also know that you are a wonderful young lady: gentle, courageous and full of love.
A candle will be lit on my balcony for you to see when Basil, you and the little ones come back to us.
Love, Lina
(Lina Mikdadi Hamade)

Nicolas Constantinesco

Dear, dear Basil, 2 weeks gone by since my last letter to you. Went a few days ago to the Easter Concert, mainly dedicated to you, given by the Balamand Choir at the Evangelical Church facing Grand Serail and met your Mom. When I told her how much affection I had for you due to so many reasons, she gave me a glowing smile full of hope and trust in the Almighty. What a beautiful person, your mom is. Take care, keep the fight on, as many Lebanese are right now doing the same for their country. Nicolas

Docteur Robert Khouri

Je prie Dieu d’accorder le courage à Monsieur Fleyhan pour supporter ses épreuves et de lui accorder la guérison le plus rapidement possible.

Docteur Robert Khouri

Danny Dagher


We are all still praying for you and we will never stop. We will be present at the vigil in NYC tomorrow. Yasma, we will pray for you to remain as strong as you have been since the date of the tragedy.


Lara Friedman


I have never forgotten the patience (and kindness) you showed me when I was working in Lebanon, or the smile and hug you gave me when we bumped into each other last time I was visiting. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Lara Friedman (US Embassy in Beirut, 1996-1998)

charles and Marlene Allam

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Hearty wishes for Basil's continuous and speedy recovery

Wassim Hneine

Dear Fleihan family,

Everyday I discover more and more the amount of emotions and appreciation the Lebanese people and Basil friends have for Dr. Basil.

Last but not least, I have received 2 huge Disney Teddy Bears from a person (left his business card) as a gift for Basil kids. When I called him he said this is just a token of appreciation to Dr . Basil. He stopped in Paris on his way to Lebanon from Canada especially to leave these gifts (he got my address somewhere thinking I am close to Basil's family)

Our hearts and emotions, prayers and wishes go to Dr. Basil. May god bless him and his family.

Wassim Hneine
Paris France

PS: I will make arrangement to transfer these gifts to his family through common friends (but would appreciate if someone from his immediate family contact me on my email above)

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