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mon jardin d'enfants - claire maassab

toutes nos pensees sont avec vous, nous vous souhaitons beaucoup de courage. allah maakoun.nous prions pour vous.
Toute l'equipe de mon jardin d'enfants - claire maassab.


Allah Yirhamak Ya Dr Fleihan. we will miss you

Your Student at AUB

ZIad Hamoui

My sincerest condolescences to Al Fuleihan for the loss of the man who built the finance of a modern Lebanon.

Though I have no personal acquaintance to draw from, I can only carry utter respect for the person who contributed in rebuilding our country the way we know and love and would like to maintain.

This sad loss should remind us all about the need to intensify the investigation to uncover the wrongdoers behind the monstrosity of Feb.14:


Nizar Attieh

May your soul rest in peace. My sincerest condolonces to your family and loved ones.


My deepest condoleances. What a sad outcome. My thoughts go out to family and friends as well to the country of Lebanon who has lost an important political figure. Most of all, my heart and soul goes out to the wife and very young children of Basil Fleihan. May he rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Que Dieu aie ton âme Ô Bassil!
Joseph Merheb


To the family of Basil,
I send my condolenses. He was a man of wisdom and virtue and his loss is a loss for all of lebanon.


I do not know Basil but I know something about friendship. You can only have a few real friends who you care about. You simply won't have time for others.

Bilal Kabalan

It has been one year since you left us but your smiling spirit still and will always prevail among us as we hope and work for a better Lebanon.
May the Lord rest your soul,

Bilal Kabalan
Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Emigrants


I once met him in the the chamber of commerce of North of Lebanon- i was still young or fresh graduate. he did not know me, but he knew that i was the nephew of the president of the chamber of commerce, so he told me " i can see the success in your eyes, and the arm in your hand with which you will fight the difficulties through out your bright business life". i was totally imrpessed my him. Allah Yerhamou.

Majed Sarieddine

Now the 2006 War on Lebanon is over and it's time to remember that good Lebanese like you Basil. You are to be missed and badly needed. It's the time when we need all the real, qualified and remarkable citizens to be back home as you did; though the cost was your life.

You have contributed in rebuilding our country and now we wish you are with us to again rebuild it the way we like to be - for all Lebanese.

God bless your family and may God rest you Soul.

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