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Karim Emile Bitar

Basil was one of the most brilliant students of his generation at Columbia. He is a perfect example of an academic who did not use his knowledge merely for self-aggrandizement but rather put all his intellectual capabilities in the service of his war-torn country.
May he recover soon. Men like Basil are badly needed in Lebanon.

Lina Mikdadi Hamade

Oh God, I am so very very sorry......... May Basil rest in peace and give you Yasma, and you Rida and you Ramzi and all his family and friends strength and courage.
With all my love,
Lina Mikdadi Hamade

Fadi Kanaan

May Dr. Fuleihan rest in peace.
I extend my deepest condolences to the Fuleihan family.
His memory will live on, and he will continue to inspire generations of Lebanese economists.

Fadi Kanaan
MIT Sloan School of Management

Loai Naamani

May his soul rest in peace and may his eyes watch us from above... with pride and with anticipation.

Loai Naamani
President, Lebanese Club at MIT

Antoine Faisal

Di3anak Basil,
ALLAH yer7amak,

From New York to Beirut, one heart, same pain, same hope...always in mind.
May your soul rest in peace.

Antoine Faisal,
New York.

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