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Suad, Nasri Kawar and Family

Dear Basil, Rida, Yasma and family,

You have been in our thoughts since we heard the shocking news. We are all praying for you during these difficult times. May God help Basil for a speedy recovery and give you all strength.

With our love, Suad, Nasri Kawar and Family


lot of prayers for you Dr Fleihan !you are always in our thoughts we want you back between us and see how good lebanon is becoming . i wish we didnt need all this pain and sorrow to get freedom ,but we want to assure you that we are all asking for your rights , our rights and for the truth .
im a lebanese aub student, im so proud to have you as a depute and an aub professor .
may god be with you and hope you recover soon so you come and celebrate with us !

Thierry Anid

Dr Fuleihan,

Loin de votre patrie et de vos patriotes, vous souffrez dans votre lit. Nous ici nous combattons corps et âme pour notre liberté et ainsi que pour vous monsieur.
Vous, qui avez été lâchement attaqué par ces personnes qui ne valent plus rien, qui n’ont jamais rien value d’ailleurs. Le Liban a besoin de personnes comme vous, pour prouvez sa force aux yeux du monde. Libanais toute confession confondue prions pour votre rétablissement et votre santé. Dieu vous a donné la chance de vivre, saisissez la, non seulement pour votre famille qui vous adore mais aussi pour tout Libanais qui voient en vous un Grand Homme. Le seigneur est avec vous.

Thierry Anid

raed assaf  Great Lebanon.

basil Flayhan.hope u`ll be fine soon, nchallah ya rabbbbbbbbb.

Mazen Istfan

I heard of the tragedy from my mom, Rose Hugo Istfan, she was crying over the phone when she got the news. She kept repeating how Basil used to play with me when I was a child back in Lebanon. I do apologize for not being able to remember you that clealry, but I do hope and pray for you and wish your family and friends courage and hope.

Victória Nabil Musallam

Queridos Basil e minha irmã Yasma,
Estamos aqui no Brasil pedindo à Deus que esteja com vocês e conceda o milagre da recuperação ao querido Basil. A fé pode mover montanhas.
Com carinho,

Família Musallam - BRASIL

Maya Al Basha

Dear Basil Fuleihan and his family,

i hope you will be fine and i hope for his family to read this message of two sentences to try to support you. i need you to all stay strong because i hope that god will help him and to minimize his pain because a person like him must be working a normal life.i hope that he will be fine and celebrate with us to know the truth.
i hope my wihes will be true.

Alia Alameh

Each & every Lebanese is praying for you in his own way. We want you to make it. You have been with Mr. Hariri through so much worse. You had the strength to help bringing this county back to its feet. You will be able to make it. I always say that life is a set of choices, so please, choose to live.

Issam Abousleiman

Dear Basil and his family,
I cannot stop thinking about what happened to you since the day of the incident. I could not beleieve that you, Basil that I know, was the victim of such senseless act.
This incident let people reflect on how threatening life is, even for those of us who never used more than their intellectual baggage to work and contribute to a better life for people around.
I just hope and pray that you will be back with your family in the shortest time possible. Please know that people in Washington who you know are praying for you for a quick, full and speedy recovery.

God bless you and take care of your wife, children and family in these difficult times.

Good luck.


sami rawass

basil allah yeshfek ya rab good people always go young

Lebanon Opportunities

This was published in this month's Lebanon Opportunities:
Professor, economist, consultant, politician, technocrat, friend, and now warrior. He never worked for Saudi Oger, not a Sunni, not from Saida, didn’t go to school with Rafik Hariri, but an academic and consultant of an international organization. Still – right hand man of Hariri, and economic confidant. Basil defied much of the mythical conventional wisdom and climbed to the top. His political career was almost a miracle, breaking the confessional taboo to become one of the top ministers in the country. His successor at the Ministry of Economy and Trade, veteran politician and several times minister Marwan Hamadeh said: “It will be hard for me to fill his shoes.” Just like Jesus embodied the suffering of human kind, Basil is the embodiment of the suffering of his country. We pray for his recovery, lest it be a good omen for the recovery of the wounds of our country.

Rana db

I wish for you a very speed recovery,may God give you strength and be with you...and may the violence and crime stop in our country so that we don't loose our great people and leaders...The truth..For Lebanon..


we trust that GOD's hand that makes Basil alive in a miracle will be with him till the end. We are always praying for Basil. May GOD's will protect him & save him to be with his friends & family

Maha Al Amir

Dear Basel, Aunty Reda and Yasma

The news of the attack on Rafic Hariri's convey and his death hit me like a ton of bricks, and to add insult to injury, I was told that you Basel was in the convey. I was in shock and immediately called Mona, who was on her way to Germany. When she confirmed the news I was devasted and my mind and heart went out to all of you.

Mum, Mona and I pray for you daily asking God to grant you and the family the patience and strength to tide you over this terrible period and we ask The Almighty to help you get back on your feet to be with your family and most important, you kids.

Life is full of miracles and I have faith that God will grant you the will to recover and the fact that you have survived is a sure sign from Him that your mission on earth is not over. As much as your family needs you, so does Lebanon, the Lebanese people and more important the Arab World which lacks people of your character, calibre and brains.

Get well soon and Aunty Reda and Yasma, our prayers and hearts are with you.

Love Maha


We wish you a healthy return and we pray for you every day as we pray for everyone we love.


Dear Dr Bassil,
i thought that by posting a comment on ths page i can add some faith and strenght to you and your family. however, it seems that you are the one who is giving hope and strength for me and lots of others;a hope of better lebanon and the strenght to keep faith alive inside everyone of us.hope you know that a lot of people think of you everyday and pray for your health and your family. i loved the picture posted on the main page of this website(this is how we shall always know you).it's a shame that it took such a tragedy for people like myself to know who is really Dr Fleyhan.
Bachir Njeim

Tarek M

Dear Basil, Yasma and family,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you every day for a full recovery.

Toronto, Canada


Ramzy & Mirna Ghobril

We are deeply praying for you ya Basil,

GOD Bless U


Mary Haddad

Dear Dr. Basel
Your country miss you a lot. You are always in our prayers. May GOD ease your pain. I am sure you will get well soon. I believe in God. HE is faithfull and his words are the only truth. I entrust you to the hands of GOD to heal you completely through the intercession of BABA KIRILLOS.

Paul Daaboul

I wish you a fast recovery and I am praying for you

Maya & Nabil de Freige


Bientôt un mois depuis la tragédie et c'est comme si c'était hier. La douleur est aussi forte, le choc aussi grand et Bassel aussi présent dans nos esprits. Nos pensées vont vers vous, nos prières sont pour vous et pour le Liban.
Maya et Nabil

ammar saliba

god bless you

Omar and Simone Dabaghi

Thinking of you, and praying every single day.

Good Bless you and your family.

Omar annd Simone

Chantal Namour

God bless you, may He give you and your family the gift of healing, strength, and patience. I pray for your pain to ease, for your recovery to hasten, and for your safe return to Lebanon to your family, and to the all the people who love you.

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