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De Freige Maya & Nabil

Chère Yasma

Nous serons nombreux dimanche à la marche pour Bassel. Outre ses amis, les anonymes seront légion. Il ne s'agit pas seulement d'un témoignage de solidarité mais aussi de reconnaissance pour la valeur intrinsèque de l'homme. Et ça, ne l'oublie jamais.
Tes visiteurs nous racontent que tu es forte, que la détermination des Libanais te relève le moral. Tous ensemble te soutenons de tout notre coeur.
Avec toute notre affection
Maya et Nabil
Maya et Nabil

Danny Dagher

Dear Yasma,
We will be praying for Basil at the time of the March. We are in NY and we have had Basil, you and the kids in our pryaers all the time.
Basil has been an inspiration in our lives and had such a positive impact on people he met, or hadnt met.

Our prayers and thoughts with you

Riwa Nasreddine

Dear Yasma,

I was devastated when I read about your your husband's condition. I can't imagine what you must be going through and all I can wish for is that you may have enough strength, love and faith to overcome this tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I hope to hear good news soon.

Riwa Nasreddine

Dima Masri

Dear Yasma,
Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family. We will walk on the 20th of March hoping Prof. Basil will recover but our prayers will continue even after the walk is complete.
Dima Masri
AUB Alumni

Owen Nasr

Dear Basil, Yasma & family, Rida, Ramsay & family, our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all in these most difficult times.
Your loving cousins in the US, Grace Mashie & family, Huda Giddens & family, Owen Nasr & family.

walid bakri

dear Yasma we all praying to bassil to be in good health conditions and we hope to shaire him his pain really we know how it goes so go on we are here in lebanon to support u
best regard
walid bakri and all his family

Bassem & Rima Maamari

Dear Yasma,
We are all praying for you and for Bassil. His way to recovery is no doubt long and full of ups and downs, BUT we all believe that The Lord was with him in the worst of moments, and that He is with you both now too. We will keep on praying, walking, and telling about this, in Beirut or outside Lebanon.
God Bless You
Bassem & Rima Maamari

Mounir and Roula Douaidy - Beirut

Dear Basil and Yasma,

As days pass, more and more daily prayers by everybody in this country give us bigger hopes for a faster recovery.
We support you very strongly for all the courage and resistance that both of you are demonstating and God is no doubt by your side.

Mounir and Roula Douaidy - Beirut

Wassim Al-Bawab

Dear Basil:
We're all praying for you to recover quickly and to see you back walking in AUB as you always did. May God bless you.

Ziad Makhoul

Dear Basil,

I don't know you in person but I know this: Your pain has unified the nation, and your extraordinary will of life is a lesson for all of us to always strive for more. I guess you cannot refrain from being a "teacher" at all times.
May God bless you and keep you safe for all those who love you, and those who need you.
In God's willing, you will smile for us again.


Ahmad Hussein

Salam 3ala man yuhibbul salam

I kneel for the family of Basil Flayhan's Family. Please be patiend and God's power will help us get Basil back. My mom and me pray for him everyday and every morning. I see too mnay people praying for Basil. Basil is a good guy, we wish him the best, we want him back because he was Hariri's friend. He was with Later Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri. We love you Basil, the bombing has ripped our hearts out as we lost the most valuable person in Lebanon but we pray because we love you Basil and we want you with us again.

With Love and Peace: Ahmad Hussein & Najia Hussein

Jihad Y. Youssef

Dear Yasma

Words are difficult to describe how much we are sad and ungry from what happen to Dr Bassel and for all Lebanese and Lebanon, we all pray and ask God to give the health and strenght to Dr Bassel and bring him back to lebanon safe with all the free people from abroad to rebuild Lebanon on freedom and democracy.

Zein Kabbara

Dear Yasma & All Basil's Family,

I took several classes with Basil at AUB in the early 80s. I never kept in touch after that but it was always wonderful to hear how far Basil had gone and how successful he had become; he really deservered all the best and I was always proud of his accomplishments.

My sincere prayers go out to you and the family. Please stay strong and keep your faith in God and inshallah with everyones prayers Basil will pull through. We all look forward to celebrating his safe return to Beirut. God Bless him and bless you all.

Randa Chebaro Safah

Dear Yasma,

We were friends at work. I wish you stay strong in this ordeal because I know how strong you can be. I pray everyday in the silence of my home for Basil, you and your kids. I pray you stay strong and remember always that you have friends wherever you turn your eyes.

We cannot stop from being shocked and deeply sad for what Basil has gone and is going through.

We extend you with all our love and support.

Randa Chebaro Safah

Ghassan & Nada Bridi & family

Dear Yasma
The whole world knows what Basil is passing through and we are all sharing your pains and agony. Just keep your faith in God because only in him we trust & we are sure Basil will recover fully.
May his Almighty give you courage & strength at this trying times as we are all praying for our beloved Basil's quick recovery.

Karen Hajj

We are in daily prayer for you Basil and Yasma. The horrific event that has brought you to this state is difficult to absorb. We can only pray that during this tremendous struggle, God will be very near and comfort your mother, wife, brother and family spread around the world. My prayer is that the suffering you currently face will be but a distant memory one day when you are healed and back once again serving those who so desperately need your wisedom.

With fond memories of reminiscing about Lebanon while studying and working in New Haven, back in the '80's.

Penny Hajj also sends her warm wishes for a speedy recovery Basil and to your mother, Mrs. Fuleihan.

Diana & Milad

Dear Yasma,

We are neighbors in Labban street, Ras Beirut and we would like to express our solidarity and affection. We always mention Basil in our prayers and we sincerely hope for his prompt recovery with the intercession of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Don't be sad for not being able to spend Valentine's Day with him because both of you shall always be in the hearts of all of us.

May God comfort your heart,

Milad & Diana

Rita Charara

May Jesus be with you and send you back to us

Karim TRAD

Dear Yasma:

Just to let you know that our thoughts have been with you every day since that fateful and horrible February 14th. Basil's doctors are probably telling you that every day that passes is a little victory and brings him closer to recovery and health. You should also know that your mere presence at his side is giving him the strength to keep fighting, for you, and for the kids.

Basil is the most brilliant one in our generation. I remember vividly a commencement speech he gave at Haigazian University, a rousing speech that stirred the audience, in which he was urging young Lebanese to stay in the country, to believe in it, to make it better. He did not only preach it, he actually lived these words to the fullest. Such integrity, such competence! He certainly stood out in our political landscape, and we are immensely proud of him. Without sounding cynical, quite frankly, I am not sure that we deserved him...

Yasma, hang in there. Our prayers and those of an entire nation must be heard by our Lord. Basil will be back.

Karim Trad


Chere Yasma,

Que Dieu vous donne la foi et la force necessaires pour surmonter la difficile periode que vous traversez.
En cette fete de paques, nous prions de tout notre coeur pour le retablissement de votre mari, Bassel, dont le Liban a enormement besoin.

Maria et Anna

Samih Beaini

Dear Yasma

I met Basil at his office in downtown Beirut few years
ago, he is a good man.

We pray for his quick recovery and wish him well.

Samih Beaini

Mishka Mojabber Mourani

Dear Yasma,
We continue to pray daily for Bassel, and you are in our thoughts. I drive past the site of the explosion every day on my way to school and every day I look at Bassel's portrait on what we now call "Bassel's tree" and send up a silent prayer for all of you.
Keep strong,

Rev. Ata G. Mikhael

وسلام الله الذي يفوق كل عقل يحفظ قلوبكم وافكاركم في المسيح يسوع
عند كثرة همومي في داخلي تعزياتك تلذذ نفسي
الرب يعزي قلوبكم ويطيبها بتعزيات السماء
القس عطا مخائيل
خادم كنيسة الشرق الاوسط الكتابية في ديترويت ميشيغان

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