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Bishop Alexander Mufarrij

A donation for the Holy Bread has been made to St. Mary's Orthodox Church in Hunt Valley, MD by Mrs. Rafia Simaan and Mr. Wilhem Nijhof. Mr. Basil Fuleihan will be remembered in the Divine Liturgy on Sunday March 13, 2005. May God visit Basil in his time of distress and grant him health and healing. Please pray with us.

Issam Herzallah

Dear Dr. Basil,

Lebanon needs somebody like you. So Pls. god accept our prayers and let Basil join us ASAP . Our thoughts and prayers go to your family too ..God bless you all.


Chère Yasma,
Tu es dans mes pensées et prières tous les jours. Que Dieu donne à Basil la force et le courage de surmonter cette terrible épreuve pour voir le Liban renaître de ses cendres, et que Dieu te donne ainsi qu'à vos enfants, la force et le courage de l'accompagner dans sa guérison.
Je t'embrasse fort
Sabine Nader

Fady Abdel Massih

We raise our prayers to Dr. Basil and his family.
Please God may my message as well as Lebanon's prayers strengthen his family.
Faith itself is a cure.
God be with you Dr. Basil.
We love you.

Malek Wehbe

Dear Basil and family,

Yesterday, I was at the National Evangelical Church in downtown Beirut where Reverend Habib Badr updated us on Basíl's condition. Reverend Badr prayed for the recovery of Basil. I also pray to God to heal Basil's burns and bring him back to the country he loved so much.
I would like to add one thing: today, one month after the tragic death of Ex-Prime Minister Hariri, Lebanon is more united than anytime in its history. This proves that those criminals who planned and executed this horrible act failed in their intentions to create divisions in the Lebanese society.
God be with you.

Malek Wehbe.

Salah Tabbara

All lebanese are praying for you,and we hope God will give u life because we need great men such as you and you deserve it..

Fadi Karam

Only GOD can make a man escape such an explosion. And because GOD wants you to survive, I am sure he will help you recover and live.

It's a matter of time before you will be back to your country, friends, family and supporters.

Till then, our thoughts and prayers are always with you and your family.

I have never met a Hero. Hope I can get to meet you when you're back to Lebanon.

hala hashem

إلى الشهيد الحي د. باسل فليحان.. نسأل الله الشافي المعافي
لك الشفاء العاجل و الرجوع إلينا بكامل الصحة والعافية.آمين..

Chantal Hachem

Dearest Basil:
I know Stasha already posted an email to this site. We check it all the time every day to see how you are doing. You are a sweet good noble man and have touched so many lives. You are loved by so many people. You are in the most difficult time now Basil but you will overcome this and you will see days of great great joy more than you can imagine now. Your wife and children you will see grow to have wonderful lives and you will be there to oversee all that they do, to give them advice to see their joy. You will have better days and not to far away. You have been strong this far just continue to be strong. And yes God must have a special purpose for you, God loves you even if you cannot understand what happened and why - God is protecting you for a reason. We love you Basil, we need you here, we need you to overcome and see a better day - and it will come, there will be a day when you are not in pain like this, everything is temporary you must know this and believe it. Be strong but let those who love you take care of you because it is all they can do and you bless them by letting them love you. We are all out here cheering for you, feeling for you. Hang on, do whatever you must to get better, keep fighting. Your better days are ahead of you and soon. Love - Chantal (Channie)XO Hugs lots of hugs and warm thoughts. Stasha worries about you so, we all do, so stay with us.

Amal Shebaro

Dear Dr. Fuleihan & his family
You are in our mind & in our hearts, We keep praying to god to help you recover very soon, & help your family to be courageous to help you overcome the difficulties which we hope with God's help be released day by day.

Leb92/017 (UNDP Project @ MOF)

Dear Yasma and the Fuleihan Family,

It has been a month since the infamous tragedy … We continue to hope and pray for Basil's recovery. On Monday the 14th of March, during the huge demonstration, many people were thinking of Basil and wishing he was amongst his fellow Members of Parliament. We heard the speeches of members of parliament who visited you, Yasma, last week. Everybody is praising your courage and resilience. With each new day, our hopes are raised evermore.

We pray for God to give you courage and strength.

Leb92/017 (UNDP Project @ MOF)

Salam Doumiati

nous sommes très tristes pour cette catastrophe qui a apporté la douleur à Dr Basel Fleihan:un homme intelligent, homme digne de respect.
Ayez une grande croyance en DIEU et priez pour lui.Soyez nombreux le Dimanche.
Ne dites pas à Dieu que nous avons un GRAND problème mais dites eh problème nous avons un GRAND DIEU.
Toutes nos prières sonr pour DR Bassel.

sumaya Zreik

Dear Rida,
Needless to say how much our thoughts and prayers are with you though far away. You are constantly on our minds.I fail to see God"s wisdom in putting Basil ,you,his wife and children ,all Lebanon and friends in such agony.I just called Bonnie and got your latest news.Are you back from Beirut?I have been in the States for the last 4 months and I will be returning to Beirut tomorrow.
God be with you.We will never give up.My daughters join my sincere wishes and love,Sumaya

Samih & Soraya Barbir

Its been five weeks and this feeling of disbelief is still there. We pray the Lord to give you strength and heal your wounds; and, we pray the Lord to bring the culprits to justice.

Mouna Bassili Sehnaoui

I only met you twice Basil, but you made a lasting impression.I pray that you may return to good health and that your suffering may be rewarded.I walked with many thousands the other evening from Martyrs' Square to the St.George. The prayers of all present for you, must surely help get you on the road to recovery.
My thoughts are with your family. I realize as I scrolled down all the letters you recieved and all the prayers held all over the world that goodness does exist.That miracles do happen.You deserve the best.
God be with you and your loved ones.Mouna Bassili Sehnaoui

Ramzi S. Hajj

We are all praying for your speedy recovery. Please know that you are in the daily thoughts of so many people worldwide. I wish you and your family strength, resilience and eternal hope. God Bless.


انا فتاة سورية يمكن تشتغربوا اني بعلق على موضوع يمكن بتقولوا عنه لبناني بس انا حزنت كتير على اللي صار مع النائب باسل فليحان ويمكن اول مرة في حياتي بصلي لانسان انا ما بعرفه الا من خلال التلفزيون واول مرة بندر ندر لشفاء انسان ما بيربطني شي فيه انابتمنى كل الخير والصحة له وانابعتز بكوني سورية مع كل الحقد اللي عم نشوفه على شاشات التلفزيون من اللبنانيين وبتمنى ان الناس تقدر تفهم انه مافي اي داعي لكل العداء للسوريين

Jawad Salman khalifa

الى الشهيد الحىَ باسل فليحان
جميع المحبين من الناس كتبوا عنك,لهذا ليس هناك من مزيد في هذا الحدث الجلل سوى ان اتقدم بكل خشوع الى الباري عز وجَل ان يلبسك ثوب الصحة والعافية انه على كل شىء قدير.

Ramzi & Regina Elhage

We continue to pray and hope for a miracle for Basil'l recovery.

UNDP Team - Ministry of Economy

It’s the truth of our deep feelings for him that will make us all miss him, each in his way. We have all witnessed the growth of this project under his supervision and the professionalism that he had in every matter small and big

We sure will miss him and the memories of our work with him will remain for a long time.

He was such a great example of a dynamic person who had a great dream and was trying his best to make everyone see it and to help achieve it in every possible way…. But no one had ever wanted that way to be a dark deadly unfair one.

Good bless him and may we all pray for his soul to rest in peace.

Hope to see you all this evening… another 41 candles has been blown off by the wind of injustice

Pamela Ghosn Aoun

We have kept you in our hearts and minds hoping our prayers help you in your struggle. With each prayer, vivid memories of your voice, your smile and the sparkle in your eyes guided us and strengthened our faith. You fought like a King, with courage and determination. You have become a Hero, a Noble Champion to so many people, Your Excellence… In your voyage towards Eternity, may God bless you with Peace, Love and Serenity.
Our love, prayers and warm thoughts go to your family. May God heal their sorrow and bless them.
We will never forget.

Nicolas Constantinesco

Can't add anything more to what Pamela Ghosn wrote. Can only give my deepest and wholehearted condolences to Yasma, his children and Bassel's family. This is a sad, very sad day for them, for his friends, but also for Lebanon!
Two exceptional and irreplaceable human beings murdered in cold blood by ruthless assassins...this should NEVER be allowed to happen again!

ghorayeb-garsault MariePaule

A toute la famille de Bassel, mes condoléances. Que Dieu le garde dans sa miséricorde.
Aucun de ceux qui l'on connu ne pourront l'oublier.
A son épouse et ses enfants, à sa maman et toute sa famille mes pensées émues et fidèles.

Carla Fleyhan

God Be with ur Soul Bassel fleyhan and gives power to ur family...
I hope that u re the LAST MARTYR in Lebanon ! ( everytime i say that sentence buttt another martyr comes!!))
i dont know if i have to blame the Sister or the pro sister here!!
God Helps Lebanon... other than manifestation, all we can do is to PRAY! "man kana 3indaho iman add zarra ze7 jabal!!!!" (Jesus Christ)


Dear Basil, a modest thought from someone who has always admired you: It is a crying shame and an utter disgrace to the human race that good men like you should depart this earth so prematurely while evil men seem to live long and prosper. You who have embodied goodness and imparted wisdom leave behind a gaping void, so scarce are men of your caliber. The law of the jungle prevails. I take solace in knowing that you are now in a better place, one far more suited to your noble nature. It is a comforting thought to know that you watch over us from above. In repose, therefore, as in life, I will always look up to you. In all sincerity, your friend, Munir Khauli.

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