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Zena Jisr Sayegh

Basil is in our thoughts and prayers, we are hoping and wishing for that miracle that would bring him back home.

We are hopeful, we have to be.

Berj Hatjian

Words can’t express our concern, anxiety and sorrow about the health of one of the most prominent ministers our country new in the last 15 years.

I leave all the family members and friends of H.E. Basil with this small verse:

If you want "Progress" you need "Change"
If you want "Change" you need "Martyr"
If you want "Martyr" you need "Men"
If you want "Men" you need "Basil"

God bless you, Dear Basil, and a sincere GET WELL SOON.

Berj Hatjian

Rula Haddad Norregaaard

Dear Basil,
I do not know you very well, but have always thought so highly of you. The shock of this news does not seem to wear out. You are in our thoughts and prayers until your recovery.

Rula Haddad Norregaard

Adel & Larry Afifi

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.We pray for Basil's recovery.Hugs to every one.
Adel & Larry

Sana Hamady

Dear Basil,
You have become a symbol of courage. May this courage continue to pull you through this dificult time. We honor you for wanting to serve Lebanon, play such an important role in its development and risk your life for it. You are in our hearts and minds and pray that each day that goes by is a step towards full recovery.
Sana Hamady

Joseph and Nadia Tamari

Dear Rida,

Our thoughts are with you. We are at a loss for words and, like all our friends, we are finding it difficult to accept what has happened. We are sad and our sadness finds refuge only in prayer. May God give you the additional strength that you need during this difficult period and, as always, we are here for any service that you may need.



Zouha Sakr

Dear Dr. Fuleihan,

I am sure you will make it. I want to believe that you will come back to us. We are waiting for you!



Dear Basil,

I have had the privilege to know you personally, and would like to express my sincerest wishes that you come back to us soon. We have a lot of faith that you will.


UNDP project Leb92/017

Dear Yasma and the Fuleihan family,

It is with great feeling of disbelief and shock that we have learnt the news of Basil severe injuries in the car blast that killed Prime Minister Hariri. Vivid memories of the times we have spent together, in this office and in this project which he has created, keep coming back to us. Indeed, Basil is the teacher, the friend, and the person we have always looked up to.

Our hearts and prayers are with you during this difficult period. We are confident that he is a fighter and that his will to live will prevail.

Leb92/017 (UNDP project at the Ministry of Finance)

dyala and sean evers

Dear Basil and family,

Our thoughts are with you and your family and we hope and pray that you will recover very soon,

Much love,
Dyala and Sean

Nadim & Mona Haddad

Dearest Reda,
Ever since the news hit us, our thoughts have been with you.
The website is a blessing. We can be updated
on Basil's condition.
Hoping you and all your family continue to
have courage to face the situation.
Lots of love
Nadim & Mona

Pamela Ghosn Aoun

Words cannot express the admiration, love, trust and respect that you have inspired around you. Apart from being a great privilege, working for you has been memorable in so many ways.You lead by example, and to those who are sensitive to your excellence, you give a great lesson of strength, commitment to high standards in everything you undertake, unquestionable integrity and so much finesse. You have never taken no for an answer and so we are all counting on your tenacity and determination. May God guide you towards recovery. In your fight, please be assured that you and your family are not alone. You can count on our prayers and our love to support you at all times.
God bless you, "And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive."
Pam and JP Aoun

Fredrick C. Hayek,

It was with horror and shock that I learned about the events of Monday, the 14th of February.
Basil will be in our prayers, may God bestow upon him His blessings, for a complete recovery.

Fredrick Hayek

Benhamida Morocco

Cheres Reda et Yasma,

Au nom de toute la famille Benhamida et Berrada qui ont eu le bonheur de vous connaitre à Casablanca puis a Beirut en Sept 2003,

Nous sommes tous terrasses par le terrible evenement qui vous a touchés Lundi 14 Fevrier.
Les televisions francaises et marocaines se sont fait l'echo des nouvelles concernant Basil.
Nous prions pour que l'etat de Basil s'ameliore, et vous soutenons de tout notre coeur dans la terrible epreuve que vous traversez.

Zineb Benhamida

Faysal & Maya Badran

Basil's name always evoked strong minded intellectual and open minded people to me. People who are much needed in our troubled land. His presence on the scene, was kind of a reminder that yes, there are great young Lebanese men involved...A kind of reassurance about the "system".
Pray for him.
Faysal & Maya Badran

Bouchaib BENHAMIDA Maroc

Chère Madame FULEIHAN,
C'est avec une profonde, très profonde émotion que nous avons appris, et suivons depuis l'évolution des conséquences de cette terrible tragédie qui a touchée le Liban et ému la Terre.
Nous n'arrêtons pas de penser à vous et de prier pour le retablissement de Basil.
Puisse Dieu le remettre de cette pénible épreuve, pour vous, pour ses enfants, pour sa famille, pour nous tous et pour sa Patrie.

Fadi & Rayane Abbas

Chère Yasma,

Les mots ne peuvent pas exprimer ce que nous ressentons. On aurait souhaiter être auprés de toi. Mais nous sommes avec vous nuit et jour en nos pensées et dans notre coeur.

Nous prions pour Basil tous les jours mais en particulier pour demain. Nous te souhaitons à toi et à la famille le courage.

Grosses bises à toi,Rayna et Rayan.

Lina Fuleihan Abi-Samra

Dear Basil,

I never thought this would be the way we would communicate after being seperated for a long time by events and circumstances... I just want you to know that you have made our family so proud by all that you are and what you've accomplished and for what you're going to accomplish! And I pray to God several times a day to touch you, and heal you totally, and completely, and that you'll rise up and testify to that very shortly. "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." Mark 11:24. My whole church here in california is praying for you. I also send Yasma whom I have never met, Aunty Rida and Ramzi my tear-filled prayers for comfort peace and hope in these most trying times. May God bless you.

Lina Fuleihan Abi-Samra.

Hala Musallam Charafeddine

Dearest Yasma,
We have not stopped praying for Basil since last Monday. We will continue praying to God every second of the day so that He will guide him back to you, Rayna and Rayyan, and the whole family. Never fear, God is beside. Ask Him, and He shall give it... We love you.
Hala and Nizar Charafeddine

Fuad F Fuleihan

Dear Basil, Rida, Yasma & Ramzi

Basil is in our prayers every hour of the day. May the healing hands of God touch Basil and answer all the prayers.

With all our love.

Fuad & Mary Ann Fuleihan

Ezzedin Shamsedin

I am devasted by the evil deed that befell your body.I want you and your family to know that I share your pain.My wife and I pray that the almighty God heal you and bring you back to your family,friends,and your Lebanon that I know you love so much.Ezzedin & Dolores Shamsedin-North Carolina US

Tony Moussa

My heart is bleeding and I feel at a loss for words. I pray for God to give you strength and see you and your family through these black days that have befallen Lebanon, the country that you love so much. Amparo joins me in wishing you a complete recovery. Tony & Amparo Moussa, Potomac Maryland, US.


J'ai rencontré Basil plusieurs fois, pour la France, l'Union Européenne et la Banque Mondiale. Chaque fois son intelligence, son réalisme sceptique et son humour distancié ne parvenaient pas à masquer son idéalisme, son coeur et l'amour de son pays. Le Liban, le Proche Orient et le monde ont grand besoin d'hommes comme lui.


Miracles do exist. We believe Lebanon deserve one. God, let this miracle be the healing of Bassil.

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