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Ramzi Salman

We pray for this kind, humble, brilliant and always smiling person. We pray for Basil and his precious family.

Mohammed J.

Dear Basil,...

Words fail, yet the heart shouts out in silence.. why?... I guess "For Lebanon" is enough.

God bless you, with comfort as His angles roam above you. And may He, "The All Mighty" grant your family patience and wisdom.

يا ايها الشهيد الحي.. افرح, فقد فديت بجسدك الطاهر شعبا بأكمله... لك الجنة من الله, و منا الدعاء الخالص



I wish to send my prayers to Mr Fuleihan wish that he will recover sooner rather than later, seen the pic's of Mr Fuleihan getting burned made me get soo upset seen a flesh body soul suffering that is soo wrong I don't know why people can have the gutts to do such a crime, may Allah lead Mr Rafic Hariri and the people that died with him to the path of heaven, and may Allah lead us to the truth and find out who did that crime and see them suffer more than anyone else did the bottom line is WE WANT THE TRUTH.


I've lost my faith in humanity some time ago, and every time something like this happens, my expectations of the future become worse.

May mister Bassel Fleihan be comfortable in all imaginable future and let him find peace within his capabilities that he has left.

Good people are special, and are underestimated.

Sam Dabliz

Dear Basil,

I ve never met you nor heard of you but now I know who you are "A Hero from Lebanon". I pray to Allah to grant you the strength to come back first to your family and to your beautiful Lebanon. Basil, people around the world are praying for you, hang in there, Inshallah our prayers will be answered.

nouhad moubarak

Pour un Hero pas comme les autres, je prie avec toi Yasma dans l'espoir de pouvoir le faire de vive voix et
a cote de toi

imad shalbak

i wish you speedy recovry ,and get back to your family

nouhad moubarak

du fond de mon coeur je desire partager ces moments tragiques munis de silence indetermine. Que Dieu te donne patience et courage tous les matins du monde, avec beaucoup d'espoir que tes banbins meritent

nouhad moubarak

je n'aurais jamais de ma vie immaginer devoir prier pour deux personnes aussi distinctes, aussi grandes, Bassel et le Pape Jean Paul II, une grande raison les relient, c'est le silence profond, etune si grande valeur qu'est leurs etres. Yasma je prie le tout puissant de te procurer patience et courage, pour que Bassel puisse se remettre le plus tot pour avoir le plaisir de se retrouver parmi ses bambins.Je vous aime.

Jeanine Syriani

Mr.& Mme.Fuleihane,

Je suis avec vous dans cette terrible épreuve que vous êtes en train de traverser. Je prie Dieu tous les jours pour vous sortir de ce sombre tunnel, qu'il vous donne tout le courage et la patience nécessaire à celà. Que Mr.Fuleihane se rétablisse au plus vite, que vous puissiez être à nouveau ensemble au Liban.

Jeanine Syriani

Nouhad Moubarak

Je continue a souhaiter pour Bassel une meilleure situation et une evolution continue, malgre la grandeur du combat.Yasma je pense tres souvent a vous et prie le tres haut de te procurer tout le courage qu'il te faut pour toi et les tiens.

Ghaiss Eido


walid f. fuleihan

i am not related to bassel. however we share a lot together. bassel was a friend of my brother's at I.C and A.U.B. bassel's older brother ramzi was a friend of mine also at I.C and A.U.B. furthermore our dads were both doctors and shared the same first name, farid fuleihan m.d.
i just learned that bassel has passed away. my condolences to his wife and children and to ramzi and all their family. i hope that bassel didn't suffer physical or emotional pain since the tragedy of 02/14/05. but even if he did, in my opinion he is guaranteed a place in that eternal landscape where there is no pain or suffering. god bless your soul.

walid f. fuleihan

i just learned that bassel has passed away. i am not related to bassel, however we share a few things together.bassel was a friend of my brother's at I.C. and A.U.B. also, bassel's older brother, ramzi, was a friend of mine at BOTH i.c. AND a.u.b. furthermore our dads were both doctors and had the same name; farid fuleihan m.d.
my condolences to bassel's wife, children , ramzi and all their family. i hope that bassel didn't suffer physical or emotional pain since the tragedy of 02/14/05. but even if he did, in my opinion he is guaranteed a place in that eternal landscape where there is no pain or suffering. God bless his soul.

walid f. fuleihan, los angeles


may GOD help you dear yasma, rayna, rayan and your future son (bassel junior).
i knew you and bassel many times, you are great lovely...
take care of yourself for your kids and be sure that we will never forget such a GREAT man. we love you and praying for you.
best regards

ايمان شبر

سيظل ذكراهم باق في ظل لبنان

شهداء لبنان ....

ان ما فعله الشهداء هو من اجل لبنان الوفي .
كلهم ابطال لشعب لبناني وما فعله باسل فريحان من اجل وطنه , رحمه اللة ورحم جميع الشهداء لبنان .


May ur soul rest in peace,im sure u r in heaven dear Bassel.Maybe there u wont suffer from ur injuries,and u will watch over ur family and especially ur children who missed u a lot!!!Mr Bassel Fuleihan,all the lebanese people are sorry 2 lose a man like you:a great believer,a very well educated and a handsome man like you.We will never forget ur smile and i will never forget ur picture while u were burning,i still cry when i watch it.

olfat jaber

مرحبا انا بعزي الشعب اللبناني اللي فقداعز صديقين وقائدين وفيين للبنان انا من فلسطين تاثرت كثير لماسمعت بوفاتهم لانهم
.عزيزين على الشعب الفلسطيني

Marwan F.

God bless your soul and rest in peace Dr.Fleihan
You are a big martyr for your country and we shall never forget you...


نريد معرفة الحقيقة !


Im so sorry for that.

God bless them

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