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Cher Basil
nous continuons a prier pour ta guerison,et dans chaque bougie qu'on allume il y a la foi,l'espoir et le refus de baisser les bras...

Martin Short

It was our privilege to attend St Columba's Church on Saturday.

We wish Basil a speedy recovery and send our best wishes and support to all his family and close friends.


Martin Short and Sana Short
5 Cannon Lane, London NW3 1EL
020 7435 7351

[NB correction to e-mail address]

Mohamed Naja

I am praying for Basil's quick recovery.

May I foreward my best wishes to his family.


It's amazing how far and wide Basel has touched the world. I was sad to miss the prayer vigil in my hometown of Washington DC because I happened to be attending a wedding in London. It was a small miracle to find out that this gathering was taking place around the corner from my hotel. Thanks to the community in London for putting together this sevice; I was so fortunate to be a part of it.

Prayers of comfort and healing for Basel and his family. May the world's love for Basel help carry them through.

Rania W. Zeidan

The prayers of my family, friends & myself will not end untill Dr. Basel Foulaihan is healed and recovered. May god give you all strength during these difficult times.

Truth, Souvernity & Independence

Mazin Al-Obeidi

Our heart & prayers with you hero of Lebanon and the Arab world. God protect you and save you.

Pam & Roger Paull, Canberra, Australia

Our thoughts and best wishes for his recovery continue to be with Basil and his family. Our hearts go out to you all.

Wadih Maalouf

I join all of you in prayers asking God for Dr. Fuleihan's recovery and for his safe and sound return to Lebanon as well as to the arms of his loving family.

Nicolas Constantinesco

Hi dearest Basil & Yasma,
The prayers for your recovery Basil, made by a huge gathering last Sunday, crowded in this lovely Ain Zhalta church and village (which I discovered for the first time), and the people assembled there, were most moving. Certainly, the fervour and faith shown will achieve its purpose...

Next day, yesterday, was a memorable day after a full night vigil, and you would have been proud of your fellow citizens and your friends in Parliament...They took courageously the first major step, of so many others to come, for the full recovery of your beloved country...New leaders from the very top hopefully, to lesser levels, are now to fulfill, over time and with renewed dedication, the legitimate aspirations of your countrymen. You Basil, are one of the most prominent and promissing leaders and we all await your prompt recovery also, for a safe return among us.
Bless you both, and your family

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