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I am praying for him..I think he is a strong fighter...
gog help him through this...make it less painfull


God bless you bassel, we all love You.
Allah yikoun ma3ak w'yi7mik

Hassan Mohammadi

I'm really speechless & cant find the words to express the sorrow i felt on the 14th Feb 2005.This day was a valentine day where people celebrate this occassion & express their love for each other.
On this day,God chose to keep it a memorable day for World people generally & Lebanese specifically by taking a dear,great,loving person like Mr.Rafic Hariri & his friends(God bless them with your mercy)
I also want to say my praying for Mr.Basil Fuleihan,
All my prayers for him & for God to rescue him & keep him safe for us ,Lebanese people.
Hassan Mohammadi From: Tehran, Iran

Nadine Zeidan

Dear Dr. Fuleihan and family,
You are in our daily thoughts and prayers. I wish you a speedy and complete recovery. You have been an inspiration to us all.

Nadine Zeidan ( your student at AUB).

Ronnie Chatah

Fight through this one. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Stay strong.


I hope and pray with all my heart for u to get better. U are in our hearts, U are in our prayers. only God knows how much u're suffering...may God have mercy on u Dr. basil and bring u back to us SOON. Lebanon needs U!!! PLZ get well soon


I would just like to say how grieved I am that this has happened. A great man was killed, and another is struggling for his life. I just hope that Basil will get through this.

I suppose this might be true: Killing one person is like killing all of mankind.
Let's just hope it's not all of mankind that will suffer.

Hani Ayloush

I was thinking to myself on 14/2/2005 "Valentine's day"
what should I bring to my beloved wife and mother? I thought red flowers might show how much I love them.
But at the end of that day, I understood the real meaning of love and giving. It is when you are willing to die for the your love.
Sheikh Rafic Hariri and his friends (God bring peace on their souls) gave their beloved country "Lebanon" their red blood and souls because they really love their country.
We pray from all our hearts to Dr. Basil to recover and come back safely to his family, country and friends.
God Bless Lebanon.
Hani Ayloush from Dubai - UAE

Michael Povey

Prayers from St. James's Episcopal Church, Cambridge, MA, U.S.A. - the United States parish of Hani and Rula Asfour.

J. Michael Povey,

Jamil Fouad Sarraf

I never met Mr Fuleihan, I wish him well and a speedy recovery. No one deserves what had happened to him nor to the GIANT Mr Hariri. All I can say is that, God forgive them and help us.

Malek Fakhro

I hope and pray with all my heart for u to get better...

reza yavari

On behalf of my family, mutual friends and myself I wish to send to Ramsey and his family our prayers and our thoughts for Basil's best. We wish you lots of strength and peace of mind in these difficult times. Take care of your family, Nada and children. See you soon in Madison.
Lots of love,
Reza and Paula, Roya and Dorian.

Habib Abu Khalil

Me and my Family have arranged special services in Irbid, Jordan. We are following up your news on TV. We pray that you'll get better soon. If you need any skin graft I am ready to donate. May God be with you and your family, Specially your mother.

Habib, Martha, Lina & Gaby

madeleine sultan

Dear Fleihan's Family,
We pray every day for Bassel.
Let God gives him the power to live.
Thanks god for everything you give us.

If you can find the book, "the power of praise".
American pentecotist .


It is difficult to choose the right words to say and express our thoughts and prayers for you to be among us again and for your family to stay strong. I hope with all my heart that you grow stronger and stronger every day so that you come back to us again with your bright smile reflecting hope and optimism. GOD bless you and your family

Rosy et Joseph El-Hajj

Pére eternel,jetez un regard de compassion sur Basil qui est particulierement cher au coeur de votre Fils et ns vs supplions Pere de miséricorde et de bonté,bénissez lui pour qu il revient vite sain et sauve a sa femme et ses enfants et bien sur a sa mere auntie Rida que nous l aimons beaucoup.Liban a besoin de toi cher Bassil ns t attendons pour que pas seulement nous mais aussi tous les libanais qui sont hors de leur pays reviendront le plus tot possible.Joseph,Rosy,Joey,Angelo et Joya Maria.

Lina Jazi

Dear Basil,
We've know you strong and optimistic for the sake of Lebanon. We want you now to be strong for your sake and ours. We need you ! "Ma tetkhalla aanna" !
Just like thousands and thousands of people around the world, I am praying everyday for your recovery. And I know deep in my heart that youl will make it and come out of this stronger than ever. And when you do, we will all be here waiting and cheering for you.
We love you !

Ghada ousman alieh

Dear Fulayhan family
I hope Basil will get better very soon . I am thinking all the time of you yasma be strong . Take care we are all praying for him. Love you all.

sumayyah samaha

Dearest Rida,
All of us here in New York, Nicole, Souren, and I are praying for Basil. Please be strong Rida.

Nadia Khayat

Dear Mr Fuleihan and Family,
Although I never met you, I have seen you on TV and I always thought you are a good person, may God bless you and lead you to a speedy recovery ,St Jude will look after you with love from Canada

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