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Dear Basil;
We are all praying for you, just hold on, you can do it, you can save youself...
Remember we all love you,
And we are praying for a miracle to save you

Najib & Mary Jamal

Our prayers and thoughts are all the time with Basil and his immediate family. God bless you Basil, and touch you with His healing hand. Keep up the fight,-you can do it, and remember that everyone here loves you and prays for your complete recovery.

Chris and Samia De Clercq

Dear Mrs. Fuleihan, Basil, and Yasma,

Words cannot express the shock and horror we felt on learning that Basil was in the ill-fated convoy. Our thoughts have been constantly with you since then, and we are fervently praying for Basil’s recovery and the end of this indescribable nightmare you’re all living. Fight hard Basil; although postponed, Chris is still counting on that lunch you agreed to have together on the flight back from Paris, and is willing to wait for you for as long as it takes.

We love you Basil and want you back with us as soon as possible.

Chris and Samia De Clercq

Michel Chaoul

Dear Basil and Family,

We are praying for God to save you. Lebanon needs people like you to be saved and united.

Michel Chaoul

Hala sharaf elddeen

all my family are praying for god to save u and inshala u will feel much better to go back to your family so soon , god bless you .


ندعوا الله عز وجل أن يرفق به ويرحمه برحمته الواسعة ونتمنى له الشفاء العاجل فهو ثروة وقيمة علمية قومية وعربية بحاجة له بلده الحبيب لبنان وبحاجة له الأمة العربية

Dear Mrs. Fuleihan
We prey for God to save you and save lebanon, hopefuly you will live to see the free independent and democratic lebanon that we all dream of .
Shadi Richani

shadi richani

Dear Mrs. Fuleihan
We prey for God to save you and save lebanon, hopefuly you will live to see the free independent and democratic lebanon that we all dream of .
Shadi Richani

Antonio ojail

Dearest GOD,
i am adressing my demand to you through this site to tell you that you are able to let Mr.fuleihan live again ,and come back to the new lebanon.
so please my LORD ,make my demand come true.

Antonio ojail.

Fatma alfahad

عزيزي باسل اتمنى لك الشفاء العاجل والله يلطف بحالك ويصبر اهلك على هذا المصاب ، والله يرحم رفيق المحبين والمخلصين الشيخ رفيق الحريري هو ورفاقه وان شاء الله يكونوا بجنات الخلد واتمنى للبنان الامن والاستقرار كما كان يتمنى رفيق المحبين وكل لبناني مخلص .

اختك من الكويت


We are praying for God to save you and your family.we love you all.

bilal knio

Dear Mrs. Fuleihan, Basil, and Yasma,

i wish you a good healt,and to get back to us ASAP.



Madiha Sultan

Dear Professor,

May God’s healing fill your life with peace.
You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Madiha Sultan

Rudy Seikaly

Our prayers are with you and your family.
Rudy & Vicky Seikaly

Dr and Mrs Pollak

We ,as a family, are so sorry to hear that you've been hurt so badly in this barbarian act that took the life of our Prime minister and all the innocent people who were around him.
And We,the lebanese people in the Boston area, want to express our sadness and wish you a complete recovery .May God watch over you and your family .MAy you recover completely.We will keep on praying...
Lebanon will survive and so will you..

Alain and Maguy

Ron & Donna Somerville

Our thoughts and best wishes are with you all.

Ron and Donna Somerville

Mohamed Iskandarani and Barbara Alonso

Dear Basil,

Please get well. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Mohamed and Barbara.


My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Heal me oh Lord and I shall be healed,
Save me and I shall be saved.


I am a distant relative to Yasma. I have not met Basil personally, but what happened to him deeply touched my heart. I think of Basil every minute and continuously pray for his complete recovery. I am still very shocked by what happened on the 14th of February. It was terrible.
Brother Basil, the God of love was, is, and will always be with you. I thank the Lord for the miracle of life that He granted you. His hands were on you. I am always praying for you and for Yasma. I pray that God grants you the gift of tolerance and inner peace. I have the faith that only God can remove your pain and completely heal you. I pray that the Lord puts His hands on your doctors using them to bring you to full recovery.
God bless you
Rana Zankoul Freij from Jordan


Mes prieres les plus ferventes vont a Basil et a sa famille..Tout comme le reste des personnes qui connaissent Basil de pres ou de loin,de tout coeur je prie pour sa guerison..

Karma and Henri Chaoul


Our prayers and thoughts are with you to give you all the hope and inner force required to fight and come back to your family. Everyone is praying for a miracle. Churches are filling up with close and distant friends, family, strangers, all with one thought and one wish: seeing you back in Lebanon with all your family smiling. All are praying for a miracle. If there is one to be made, surely this is it.

Be strong, hopeful and patient.

Rima Hanna

You and your family are in our thoughts...


Cher Dr. Bassel,

Je prie le bon Dieu pour vous aider et votre famille à surpasser cette épreuve pénible. Je sais bien que tous les Libanais s'unissent dans la prière pour votre santé, pour l'âme du défunt Martyr Rafic Hariri et ses compagnons ... et enfin pour le Liban.


Abboudi & Rana Sultani


You survived for a reason. Hold on.
Our prayers are with you & your family.

nicole bridi

Dear Bassil,

I am sure that you will make it, just hold on and we trust that God will do the rest at the right time.

we are all praying for you and believe that our prayers will never fall.

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