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get well soon basil we are all praying for you to get well .. everyday we are praying for you

Nabil Anis Adel

My thaughts Basil, are with you, your pain is felt by all of us we pray for your recovery .

Majed Musallam and Family

Dear Dr. Fleihan,
not a moment passes without us thinking of you and your lovely family. We pray that your recovery is fast and as painless as possible. We have faith that God is at your side to give you the strength that is needed to overcome this temporary obstacle. We wish you all the luck now and in the future. We love you, and hope to see you soon.

Majed Musallam and Family

Dear Yasma,
we are all thinking of you. We love you.

Mosleh Tarawneh

الى اخوننا في لبنان
نطلب من العلي القدير ان يمن على النائب الاستاذ باسل فليحان بالشفاء العالج وان يرعاه ويعيده الى لبنان سالما بعون الله

من الاردن
اخوكم المحامي الاستاذ
مصلح الطراونة

reem  abdulla

God have mercy on you. we all pray for you in jordan and wish you a speedy recovery. you have such a beautiful smile and we would like to see you in good health.

Wasim Zayed

Dear Basil and Fuleihan Family

The tragic news was received with great shock and dismay, almost impossible to comprehend. I pray to God to give you the strength to carry on; to give your family and loved ones the patience to cope with the cruel reality that struck them on that fateful day.

Wasim Zayed
Class of ’84, School of Eng’g

Walid Barakat

Dear sir,
In the name of God the merciful, in the name of Lebanon the sacred, in the name of the Lebanese national unity, in the name of all the Lebanese democratic patriots struggling for blocking the conspiritual sedition aginst our Arab region, I pray for your safety, recovery, and strength..

Tarazi Lina

Je prie chaque jour le chapelet Notre-Dame du Rosaire pour ta guerison. On vous a aime meme sans vous connaitre.
Que Dieu puisse te soulager et te guerir. La Sainte Vierge est genereuse et vous donne ses graces.
Le miracle Existe..
Lina Tarazi

Owen Nasr

This web site is what we need most at a time like this. Many thanks for creating it.

We are three first cousins of Rida Nasr-Fuleihan living here in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.A. Grace Nasr-Mahshi with her family, Owen Nasr with part of his family and Huda Jamal-Giddens. We also have a son and his family living in Florida and Huda has a son living in California.

What a shock it was to learn about this tragedy. Our hearts go out to Basil, Yasma, Rayna, Rayan, to Rida and to Ramsay, Nada, Layan, Dalia and Zeena. And of course our hearts go out to Raja, Bonnie, Raif and Randa too. We feel for each one of you for what this event signifies to you in your lives.

And now, with the help of this web site, we become aware of the great number of people who have also been affected by this tragedy.

May all our thoughts and prayers together soon bring healing.


We are praying for you. May God be with you.

Chirine Atoui &Ziyad Mneimneh

Dear Dr Basil
We are Praying for you ! Everyone here in Miami is praying for you ..God Bless you !!..

Halim Saade

Nous prions le Bon Dieu pour que Mr Basil Flayhan se rétablisse très rapidement.

Talar Khatchikian

Dear Fuleihan family,
May God give you strength to survive this terrible ordeal! My thoughts and prayers are with you! May God bring the guilty to justice!


For my dear Dr. Basil,
As a mother I pray for your mother to be full of strength,
and as a wife I wish for your wife patience and stability.
As much as we pray for you as much as we think we feel with all your family's pain, to be honest we don't.
Inshalla no one will feel what do they feel and please our holly God you are the only one that you can heal his, his family, our's pain.
I invite all muslims to pray for him on the sacred salat of gomaa,god bless Lebanon.

Ahlam F

Dear Dr Basil and family,

We have all been praying side by side for your speedy recovery and for you to come back to us in good health.
May ALLAH give you the strength and put you on your feet again and may he send the power for your family to support you all through the way.


Our beloved,
We are all praying for you. May God give you the strength to survive this difficult period you r passing through. You are a great man and your country as well as your family need you. Come back to us...

Abdullah  H

My soul and thought are with you, i pray to God to hepl you and to support your family..yarab

Nadine&Haytham ammache

Dear Basil


Dear Dr. Basil and family,

We are praying for your recovery, Inshallah you get back to our beloved Lebanon healthy to continue what you and our best leader ever the Shaheed Rafiq Hariri started.


Abdel-majid Rafei

Dear Basil,
We all pray for your safe return.
We all need smart and brave men like you to serve our great country.

Imad & Mirna Elghaoui

Dear Basil,
May God bless you and your family and help ease your pain and theirs. We hope that you get better as soon as possible. We are praying for you and hoping that you get back to our beloved Lebanon and carry on the future message.


Cher confrére,

J'espère de tout coeur que tes blessures guérrisent au plus vite et que tes souffrances s'amnuisent. Je ne peux qu'être solidaire avec votre personne qui désirait profondément apporter son savoir faire à un pays qui a cruellemet besoin. La barbarie était au rendez-vous malheureusement mais elle ne pourra entâcher l'humanisme et la solidarité entre libanais.

Prompt guérrison,

Dr Alain SAFA

George Nader

Dear Family Fleyhan:

We wish Dr. Basil a full and quick recovery, our prayers and thoughts are with you.
Lebanon will become a Free Nation, Lebanon will be for the Lebanese, JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!
God bless You!
The Nader Family, Virginia, USA

Tim Niedermann and Sue Sweitzer

Our thoughts and prayers have been with Basil and the whole Fuleihan family since we heard the news. Our hearts go out to this wonderful man. We all are hoping for the best and stand behind his family in this difficult hour. The whole Lebanese communityhere in Montreal together with their friends and supporters have come out against this horrible act. We are all pulling for you, Basil.

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